Our Story

Filet of Soul is a BYOB restaurant that stemmed from Lisa and Traci Morris’ love of food, culture, and faith. Lisa’s restaurant success first began over 20 years ago when she opened Kwanzaa, an international soul food restaurant in New York’s trendy SoHo district. Lisa’s take on soul food brought the likes of celebrities such as Wesley Snipes, Stevie Wonder, Ruby Dee, and Dick Clark.

After tremendous success in NYC, the Downingtown, PA native decided to come back to her roots and bring some international soul to her home town;  hence Filet of Soul was born. This BYOB restaurant that offers live Jazz on the weekends, features classic Caribbean and Southern American Soul Food dishes that have incredibly rich, unique, and robust flavors.

A family run business with a diverse team of chefs specializing in hand-crafted homestyle cooking, Filet of Soul will leave you feeling warm, loved, and belly-happy. Don’t forget we are a BYOB restaurant in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

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