Giving Back


Strong in their faith and beliefs, restaurant owners Lisa and Traci Morris knew they wanted to create a space where people could not only enjoy great food, but also a space that welcomed people from all walks of life. Public service is especially important to Lisa and Traci, as they are deeply rooted in their church and community. Filet of Soul offers a second chance hiring policy to help provide stability and support to single mothers, holds a Sunday Brunch and Gospel Music to various congregations, and plans to host a soup kitchen night to give back to the community.

The colorful artwork displayed throughout the restaurant is that of the works of Michelle Dirks. Both international educator and artist, Michelle Dirks (a native of Ireland,) has taught unique art programs that are rich and intriguing to children from 3-17. Her student’s artwork is featured throughout the restaurant. Helping and supporting one another and the community is not only our mission, it’s our life’s work.

Contact us if you are interested in working together to help the community.